About Solar Kit Direct


 Solar Kit Direct is a company that entered into the alternative energy industry in 2009 and was built on the idea of designing and creating a do-it-yourself kit. These kits would allow anyone to install their own photovoltaic solar system at a discounted price. Solar Kit Direct is a company that is direct with the manufactures, which in turn allows us to reduce the cost of  each kit and pass that savings onto our customers. By creating these kits we knew that this would allow any home or business owner to afford purchasing a photovoltaic solar system and take advantage of the opportunity of being able to reduce their electric bills or eliminate their bill altogether for 25+ years to come. By offering these kits at such a discounted price this allows our customers to get a return(ROI) on their  investment within a three to 7 year return, which depends on your location.

 Solar Kit Direct thrives on customer satisfaction and believes in educating  their customers, as to how these kits can help reduce their current electric bills. Solar Kit Direct products are backed by the industries standard warranties and all solar panels are back by a 25+  year performance warranty.

Please call for a free consultation as to how we can help you reduce your current electric bills.

Here is an opportunity to take part in helping our planet for generations to come.


From the President of Solar Kit Direct

“ I purchased and installed my 5.5KW system prior to promoting this system, so I could validate the products that I would be selling. I can honestly say that no matter where you live my kits either cut or completely eliminate your electrical bill each and every month for the next 25+years. My monthly Michigan electric bill was on an average of $145.00 a month, but once I had installed my Solar Kit, my bills have dropped to a credit on my account thanks to the Net Metering program. Since I am producing more power during the summer months, I receive a credit on my account for the power that I have put back into the grid and have a small fee each month for service fees and taxes.

I do believe this is a great way to free yourself of all those future electrical bills that are projected to keep spiking higher each year. By deciding to go with my PV Solar Kit,  I will have earned a $48,000 profit on my $8,000  investment over a period of 25 years…not to mention  taken  my part in helping our planet survive.”


Tony Galante

President of Solar Kit Direct