Pros and Cons

Home Solar Kits – Pros and Cons of a Home Solar Energy System

As a home owner, you are most likely constantly tweaking and refining your “punch list” of home improvements – whether it be for cosmetic reasons or simple improvements – the list of home upgrades never seems to be complete. And if you do it right, you may  rake in some profit when it comes time to sell your home. In this economy, that’s a tough thing to do, but it is possible.

An energy-efficient home

An efficient home depends on the streamlined use of energy resources. It is important that homeowners understand their energy needs and find ways to implement ways to manage their energy resources efficiently and cost effectively.

Solar energy panels on residential homes

Solar energy is the future of energy. But up until now, only wealthy home owners could afford to employ solar energy in their home. Solar has been popular in the past, but recently solar installations on a home’s roof has taken on a whole new meaning. By making a commitment to solar energy, a homeowner makes an ethical statement about what is important to the home’s principles as well as having the added benefit of lowering electricity bills, which we all know is expensive and getting more costly each year due to rising temperatures and energy costs. Installing solar panels is about more than saving a few extra bucks on electricity each month, it’s about making a strong statement about your home’s energy efficiency and, in the case of re-sale, its economical value to prospective buyers.

Installation of home solar panels

A smart home owner does the research before making a substantial investment. And one thing that will come into play when considering a home solar energy system is the installation. Can you install the solar system yourself? The answer is YES!

Pros of home solar panels

By installing solar panels on your home, you are protecting yourself against increases in energy prices. Most economists agree that energy prices will continue to rise in the near term, and buying a solar energy system protects you against this expected increase. As the price of energy goes up, the payback period of your solar system will continue to decrease.

Cons of home solar panels

Many home owners are reluctant to install solar panels on their home because some people feel they are not aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, some homeowners may be hesitant to add solar panels to their roof because of the possibility that it can void the home’s roof warranty. The only way to be certain if a solar panel can be installed on your roof without voiding the warranty is to contact your roofing company. Be sure to get something in writing from them regarding their policy on home solar panel installations.

Solar home energy systems are a smart choice.

Even the most frugal homeowners are taking the plunge into a solar home energy system. When it comes time to sell your home, solar panels could very well increase the value of your home and convert a visitor into a buyer. In time, solar panels will result in savings on your home energy bill, which in turn could help pay down the mortgage.
Not all modules are built the same, so be careful on what you may think is a great deal.  Prices vary from solar module to module, but the modules efficiency will be the key when deciding to purchase. Over time, lower availability modules will lose efficiency compared to others, due to the quality of the solar cell that is in the module itself. This will result in a loss of efficiency costing you money in the end.
Please read up the products performance data and compare prior to making your purchase.